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A little bit about how Down Nature's Path LLC. got started.

Our Vision

To provide native plants and resources to help others provide for the basic needs required by nature.  To help inspire others to really look at the amazing world right outside their doors and respect and appreciate it.

Pipevine Butterfly

I'm a true lover of all things nature.  My home is a dream I have been building in every way since the very beginning.  A huge part of that dream is being surrounded by nature.

To bring in nature you have to provide what it needs; food, water, shelter and a place to raise young.  I have spent countless hours learning as much as I can in order to do that in the best ways possible.

So much of that starts with plants.  It matters what plants.  It has to be plants that can support insects.  Most insects are dependent upon specific host plants to survive.  These are plants that they have evolved with for thousands of years.  That means they can't be treated with chemicals.  They can't be from other countries.  They can't be cultivars that have had the native benefits bred out of them.

It got to the point where I couldn't find naturally grown plants anywhere close to me.  Everyone was using treated seeds, treated soils, treating the plants as they were growing, that was the last thing that I wanted.  I want plants that caterpillars are going to eat!  I want butterflies and moths!

So my growing of native plants started in order to take care of my own needs in providing habitat and creating a safe space for nature in my own yard.  Then I decided to make it available to others in hope that this can become a resource for other people to create a place of peace and happiness.  I want you to discover the wonders that I have, it is an incredible world out there!.

Skipper on Zinna
American Snout on Aster
Keep Growing!

I'm the first to admit that I'm not an expert and that I am always learning.  I worked in the corporate business world my entire career.  But my passion has always been with nature.  I have been extremely lucky to be able to spend time with and learn from some very kind, patient, generous naturalists over the years, true experts, who have taught me SO much.  I am forever grateful.  

I have added a Resources tab to my website listing some of my favorite go-to resources.  But I highly suggest that you get involved at your local nature centers, go to their programs, take their walks and make some new friends while you learn.

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